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Small Claims Limits

The monetary jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court is prescribed by regulation under the Courts of Justice Act. As of January 1, 2010, the monetary jurisdiction of the court increased from $10,000 to its current level of $25,000.

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Small Claims Court
A Professional Approach

We have the skill and knowledge to work your claims or applications through the Small Claims Court and Tribunal processes, saving you time, effort and money. 
Goodman Paralegal Services

Small Claims Court
Paralegal services for your Ontario Small Claims Court representation. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to successfully manoeuvre through the intricacies in filing claims and dealing with any steps in the processes associated with Ontario's Small Claims Court system. Read More...

Regulatory Boards, Tribunals
We offer full and effective representation at most of the tribunals in Ontario.  Read More...

Provincial Offences
We defend provincial offence cases ranging from complex occupational health and safety violations to environmental protection infractions, pursuant to the Provincial Offences Act.  We do not defend offences pursuant to the Highway Traffic ActRead More...

How Goodman Paralegal Can Help
  • We are here to be of service to our clients. Providing excellence in legal services is our top priority. Our commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards is the foundation for the services we provide.
  • At Fredrick Goodman Paralegal, we focus on serving our client’s litigation needs and achieving the best possible results in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Our strength lies in managing intricate litigation files.
  • Litigation always has its attendant uncertainties and vagaries; the ultimate outcome is most often difficult to predict. We strive to make you aware of the challenges and the possible outcomes.
  • We are well-known in the legal profession as an experienced, dependable and professional provider of legal services, in the Small Claims Court, the Provincial Offences Courts and most of the tribunals in Ontario, such as the Landlord and Tenant Board, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission and the Licence Appeal Tribunal. We are frequently consulted and retained by law firms.
  • Our written and oral advocacy is based upon careful legal research and attention to detail.  These features combined with our extensive business and legal experience support a strategic approach to managing the litigation process.
  • Our clients are ultimately deemed ‘the successful party’ in most cases we litigate.  Our litigation files culminate in effective trials or meaningful settlements.
  • The firm is licensed to provide paralegal services by the Law Society of Upper Canada and is a member of the Ontario Paralegal Association.
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